‘The Braid Up’: How to Create This Layered Protective Hairstyle


It’s pretty mind-blowing how versatile protective styles can be. Case in point: the super-intricate style on this week’s Braid Up that we’re dubbing “The Flower Bomb Braid.” Hairstylist Tiffany Anderson is the mastermind behind this artful style, and let me just say it’s definitely a compliment magnet. I mean, this look is absolutely layered—it’s got longer braids in the front, Bantu knots up top, and a pretty flower design right in the back. We loveee a 3-in-1 concept!

Do yourself a favor and check out the video above and prepare to make this look a staple in your summer lineup. I can already picture it with a pair of cute earrings and a little sundress—such a vibe.

Down to try out this unique style? Here are a few expert-approved tips and tricks to keep in mind:

1. Kick things off with a blow-out. Washing and blow-drying your hair will give you a clean, easy foundation to work with. It’ll also eliminate a lot of the knots and frizz that can get in the way of neat-looking braids. No flyaways here, tyvm!

2. Don’t forget to moisturize. Keeping your scalp hydrated is sooo essential to a cute and healthy style. Make sure you’ve got a good leave-in conditioner (like one of these picks below) that’ll add back moisture and keep damage to a minimum.

3. Keep your parts sharp with a rat-tail comb. There are a lot of detailed designs involved in this style, so you’ll need a sharp-ended comb to help you get precise parts. My personal favorite? Stainless steel combs, which offer extra precision.

4. Grab some cool accessories. You can really make this style your own with a few accessories, like metal cuffs on your braids or gold ribbon in your knots. IMO, it’s such an easy way to elevate the entire look.

Hair: Tiffany Anderson

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