Style tips for men: How to make sure your pair of jeans fits just right


Not all jeans are made equal – find the right pair and it can visually improve the shortcomings of your build. But pinning down a flattering pair is hard work, especially if you are significantly shorter than your peers and a large proportion of the selection out there seems to be made for guys who are at least 1.8m tall.

Getting jeans to fit right isn’t as simple as snipping off excess length. A good pair of jeans should even out your proportions and create the illusion of longer legs. They should also have the ability to make everything you match with it look a whole lot better.

CNA Lifestyle spoke to fashion stylist Joshua Cheung on what an average Joe should look out for when shopping for a good pair of jeans.


This obviously poses a huge problem for men who don’t have endless legs. If leg lengths on most pairs of jeans tend to be too long, you really shouldn’t just be snipping off the excess length because what you want to fix here is proportion.

Instead of thinking of how to alter an unflattering pair of jeans that is clearly designed for a taller physique, pick a pair that flatters your smaller build.

“I feel it is best for those who are on the short side to buy jeans that are made specifically to suit their height, instead of getting a regular-length pair,” said Cheung. “Aside from the length, the proportions of specific areas like the front and back rise makes a lot of difference.”

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