Space Out and Explore the Universe Without Leaving Home


If NASA’s new 2020 missions have inspired an interest in science and celestial objects, these apps and sites can open a whole new batch of worlds.

After almost nine years of astronauts hitching rides off the planet, Americans are finally traveling on their own rockets again with this week’s NASA-SpaceX launch of crew to the International Space Station. And with Perseverance, another NASA rover vehicle, headed to Mars this summer, 2020 is shaping up to be a busy year on the final frontier.

If you find yourself with a new (or renewed) interest in America’s space program or general astronomy, you’re in luck — the web is full of free and inexpensive learning resources to feed your mind. You can even find a few science projects to keep the family busy. Here’s a guide.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration main website is a great place to discover the past, present and future of the country’s role in cosmic exploration. Along with history articles and multimedia, the live NASA TV video stream is on the site, as are links to the agency’s expansive presence across social-media channels (including Giphy, SoundCloud and Twitch).

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