Shakira reveals her most secret beauty tips, they are natural


Shakira It has become an icon of beauty, thanks to the exhaustive care it gives to its skin day after day. So to follow his example, right now we will teach you how to do it by carrying out his beauty tips.

Shakira’s beauty tips

Within her daily care, the lovely Shakira He recognized that one of his secrets to take care of the surface of his dermis is to « not complicate his life » and perform exercises constantly.

In addition, try to eat almost every day with foods rich in vitamin C, this in order to fight more efficiently the signs of aging and free radicals.

So well, another of the cares that it carries out Shakira It is cleaning your face every night, also tries to rest 8 hours a day. Therefore, if you want your skin to look rejuvenated, follow these tips.

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