Senate passes resolution to block DC policing bill

The Senate voted Tuesday to pass a GOP-led resolution to block a DC policing bill aimed at accountability and reform – a resolution the White House has threatened to veto.
The Republican-controlled House passed the resolution in April, but it is not expected to become law. The vote amounted to a bipartisan rebuke of the DC bill after a number of Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans.
The vote served as an opportunity for Republicans to put vulnerable Democrats on the spot on a contentious political issue. The resolution only required a simple majority vote to pass in the Senate.
The DC Council bill that the resolution aims to block includes provisions related to improving police accountability and transparency, officer discipline, use-of-force reforms and improving access to body camera recordings.
Republicans have argued the DC policing bill would weaken the power of law enforcement officers to effectively respond to crime and have labeled it an “anti-police law.”

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