Rebecca Minkoff Expands Into Beauty With The Launch Of Her First Fragrance


Even though Rebecca Minkoff spends most of her time at home while the pandemic rages on, she still dabs on her fragrance in the morning, along with the rest of her beauty routine. That’s why she still decided to forge ahead with the launch of her very first fragrance, Rebecca Minkoff Eau de Parfum, which was a year in the making, out today. “There was conversation when the pandemic hit of do we delay,” Minkoff says. “But we chose to proceed as planned and celebrate this moment of it being ready and it smelling amazing. I’m of the mindset that business, people in business and companies are essential right now. We could all just all pull back and then there would be no economy left from the fragile one that exists right now. People have not stopped wearing fragrance. It’s something that we know our customer wants and is excited about. We have to get more creative about how it’s being sold, as some stores aren’t open, [but] we really just felt it was fine to launch.”

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