OnePlus Nord hands-on: An affordable 5G phone that packs a hell of a punch


A OnePlus phone with 5G, high-end specs and an affordable price tag? Say hello to the OnePlus Nord. OnePlus has always been known for doing more affordable handsets, but its phones have been getting increasingly expensive, with the top-end OnePlus 8 Pro ($999 at OnePlus) sitting almost exactly at that $1,000 threshold. The company’s new phone, called the Nord, aims to change that.

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OnePlus Nord price and availability
OnePlus hasn’t given exact pricing details at the time of writing, but it has said that the Nord will cost under 500 euros. That converts to about $570, £450 or AU$820, so this is a much more affordable device than its top-end 8 Pro sibling. It’ll go on sale in the UK and wider Europe later this month, although the company has said that it won’t be available in the US.

Despite that lower price tag, the Nord still packs a hell of a punch. I love its bold blue color with the metallic edging and its screen that stretches all the way to the edges. The display measures 6.4-inches which for me felt comfortable to use in one hand. There’s a fingerprint scanner built into the display too, so there’s been no need to take up space with a dedicated scanner somewhere else.

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