New Recycling Consortium an Open Call to Curb Textile Waste in Philly


Although clothing donations are already in full swing, brands are called to look at another opportunity — moving the needle on national textile waste recycling and, potentially, being right on their customer’s doorstep — in a new campaign by clothing recycling start-up Retrievr.

Formerly known as Curb my Clutter, Retrievr’s focus is bringing convenience to textile and electronics recycling — which residents in parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania can request with a simple text or via the company’s web app.

Retrievr handles all of the collection and sortation. Despite a brief pause in collection services through May due to stay-at-home orders from governors in New York and New Jersey, Retrievr is slated to launch its “innovative and contactless doorstep recycling solution” on June 8 in Philadelphia, as well as existing municipalities.

While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates reveal recycling rates of municipal solid waste are generally higher over time, textile waste has a long way to go. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, 85 percent of clothing in the U.S. goes to landfills every year.

Retrievr is calling on fashion brands to be part of the solution by joining the first National Recycling Consortium for Fashion.

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