Marc Jacobs’s “Basic” Outfit Is Anything But


Marc Jacobs is a lot of things—talented designer, master of personal style, devoted heel wearer. But one thing he is not, is basic. No, Jacobs’s looks always lean towards the avant-garde—even the looks that he may consider “simple.” Case in point: Today, Jacobs uploaded his latest Instagram fit pic, and he captioned it “Basic. Sometimes that’s the best I can do.” Yet there is absolutely nothing simple about it. Let’s explore, shall we?

Sure, Jacobs opted for a head-to-toe black look here. But what he lacks in vibrant color play, he made up for with interesting proportions and killer accessories. For starters, grounding the look is a pair of mega-platforms by Rick Owens—perhaps his most-worn shoe —which he paired with a Comme des Garçons kilt and a black top. To elevate the ensemble even further, he then added a Prada bucket hat, a pearl necklace, and a fabulous large pendant necklace that looks like it weighs about 10 pounds. Combined, this eclectic mixture of pieces brought his all-black look to another stylish dimension. It read as pure style, not simple. But I do love that Jacobs’s version of “the best I can do” is a towering heel and designer accessories—you know, just a regular Wednesday look!

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