Keep your toiletries secure with these top-rated travel pouches and containers


Packing is one of the more stressful parts of travel, but finding the right bag for your toiletries and makeup can make the process much smoother.

To get you started, we talked to travel experts about the best bags, pouches and containers that will help you transport your products securely and keep you organized once you’ve reached your destination. Whether you’re heading on an epic vacation or just a quick weekend getaway, read on to make sure both you and your favorite products get there in one piece.

Clear travel cases

When it comes to travel, clear containers are a must. “I have a preference for transparent or see-through bags so I can quickly locate my products (makes security checks at the airport speedier too)!” says Travel Channel host Oneika Raymond. Ciara Johnson, founder of the popular solo female travel blog Hey Ciara, agrees: “I look for clear containers and pouches that make it easy to sort through when I’m on the go,” Johnson says. “It’s much easier for me to stay organized and identify what is in each bag.”

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