Jennifer Lopez reveals her trusted top beauty tips


Jennifer Lopez, who experienced a hair dye disaster during the Covid-19 lockdown, has revealed her most trusted beauty tips.

The 51-year-old superstar, during an interview, confessed she had to ask her hair colourist for help after she managed to botch the at-home job in the first few weeks of lockdown.

The ‘Hustlers’ star also revealed her trusted top beauty tips, and said she still carries one iconic drugstore product with her everywhere after using it for years.

‘An old product that I love hairspray – I carry a small one in my bag and I have a big one at my house,” Lopez said. ‘It’s the quick fix.’

The singer/actress shared the best beauty advice she ever got was being told to get enough sleep, and credits her slumber with helping her look young after hitting her fifties.

‘My number one beauty tip is sleep,’ the mother-of-two shared. She added, ‘you have to get your sleep in – it’ll keep you young.’

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