Jennifer Garner Reveals The Simple Daily Habits That Keep Her Looking and Feeling Her Best


We caught up with the actress, entrepreneur, and Neutrogena brand ambassador via video chat about her new normal routine. And, yes, she’s as endearing as you imagine.

One look at Jennifer Garner’s ageless complexion, and you might think that the actress spends hours each day on her skincare and makeup regimen. But that’s not actually the case; Garner credits her beautiful glow to a simple multistep home skincare routine. “People keep asking me over Zoom, ‘Have you done anything different to your skin over quarantine?’ I’m like, nope, I’m just cleansing and moisturizing, and I never leave the house without SPF,” she says. “At night, I always take my makeup off with a wipe before I wash my face. Then I put on some moisturizer, usually something with a few more scientific things in it like retinol, and always an eye cream.” Here’s the four-step secret to her gorgeous complexion.

1. Off-Duty Makeup
“My cheeks and chin get a bit red sometimes, so I mix a teeny bit of concealer with my moisturizer.” Her maybes: blush and lip color. “I love lip stains in bright colors or a natural color lip gloss,” she says.

2. Hair Dos
“Nothing beats your hair at its healthiest. I live for Virtue Full Shampoo ($38, Virtue) and Conditioner ($40, Virtue) with a good couple of pumps of their Healing Oil to make it shine,” says Jennifer, who stars in brand-sponsored videos. Another tool in her kit: “a Sheila Stotts brush for tangly hair is a game-changer. Period.”