Is Fashion’s Most Polarizing Figure Emily in Paris?


An unvarnished style analysis of Chicago’s most infamous fictional French import, straight from Paris.

If I had to name the most stylistically polarizing character of the year, it would be one Emily Cooper, a.k.a. Emily in Paris.

Where to start with Sex and the City creator Darren Star’s latest offering? The show follows an American 20-something who moves from Chicago to Paris for a social media strategy job, and, quite honestly, I’d be wary of hiring someone for that job who has only 48 Instagram followers, but okay, cue suspension of belief.

Cue the whole culture shock narrative, rife with clichés about French and American people alike, sprinkle in a love triangle in which Emily hooks up with her new French friend Camille’s boyfriend, cementing her as the actual villain of the show instead of her boss, Sylvie, and garnish with some fashion CHOICES in a very whitewashed version of Paris, and there you have Emily in Paris in a nutshell.

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