I Surprised My Mom With an “Eternity”


I think it’s fair to say most people like flowers, but my mom loves flowers. She tends patiently to her garden. She keeps orchids year-round. In the warmer months, she even goes to our local farm to pick flowers in the field every other week. She marvels over giant New Jersey sunflowers especially, which are almost always on display, self-cut, in our family home whenever they’re in season. Every trip home, in fact, includes an excited, mom-guided tour of new and returning plants and flowers.

That’s why for Christmas this year, I wanted to go all out and give the gift of a bouquet that lasts forever (or, for a year in its original, pristine condition). Arranged by one of Venus Et Fleur’s white-glove floral designers, the Allura Vase With Mixed Eternity™ Flowers ($729) is, like, the Royce Rolls of designer flowers.

I chose one of the more expensive designs, but considering that it lasts for at least one year, it works out to cost a bit less than buying a $14 bouquet every week for one year. Except, this is a one-time buy and way more bang for your buck, delivered straight to your door.