How to Wear Eye Makeup Underneath Glasses, According to an Expert


And why you should avoid a smokey eye.

Glasses and I are inevitable. I know that one day, I’ll see a pair of corrective lenses through a crowded bar and think, Finally. There you are. I’ve been waiting for you forever. It’s only a matter of time. Both my parents have, to be blunt, terrible vision. Since I was a little kid I would put on their glasses, marvel at how smart I suddenly looked, and wear them until I got dizzy and nauseous. I’m actually very excited to one day wear glasses. It means no one will be able to borrow my prescription sunglasses and I’ll look chic always.

But here’s what I’m not excited about: What in the world will wearing glasses mean for my eye makeup routine? Some of my lens-donning friends have told me how frustrating it is to do a full eye look, only to have it look muted as soon as they put on their glasses. Lately, I’ve been using blue-light glasses to protect myself from the 3 p.m. headache that comes from staring at a computer screen all day, so I like to think that I can sympathize. To get answers for my friends and my future self (and maybe you!), I turned to Pablo Rodriguez, makeup artist and Director of Artistry at Illamasqua. Below, find out how you can still rock an eye look and wear your glasses.

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