How To Style The Cargo Trend The Vogue Way


If the spring/summer 2023 runway collections reminded you of your boiler man, we wouldn’t blame you. Why? The surfeit of pockets – in every conceivable shade of beige. Who did it first? It certainly wasn’t the fashion set. But it’s time to follow suit, as new utilitarian season has begun. 

By now, we have already established the following: multi-pocketed cargo pants are the one style to nab right now, and are a surefire winner when it comes to pledging your allegiance to the Y2K movement. We’ve seen them orbiting the fashion spheres for quite some time (hi Dion Lee), but thanks to the spring/summer collections, they are now are at their zenith. 
What’s more, pockets were applied to everything else, too. At Chanel, its iconic tweed was adorned with practical, outward-facing holdalls, while Miu Miu’s pocketed midi skirt has already succeeded the brand’s micro mini as the cult item du jour. Miuccia Prada also presented pocketed raincoats at Miu Miu, making the great outdoors wildly appealing again, while Coperni’s pearl white slacks make up in Y2K kudos what they lack in practicality. 
Are you already stepping out in Weekday’s sell-out cargo pants? Gold star for you. If, however, you’re undecided on how to work the trend without looking like you’ve come to fix a boiler, or would like to try something other than cargo leg-wear, let us introduce you to the key utility pieces and how to style them without outing yourself as Noughties newbie. 

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