How This Celebrity Stylist Is Streamlining Her Pregnancy Look


Stylist Dani Michelle has been documenting her pregnancy since October, when she announced the news in a glowing photo with her photographer husband, Ian Morrison. The look she chose was pared-back and Michelle to the core: an easy white tank top and a pair of unbuttoned faded jeans. The stylist is known for her streamlined, easy-chic philosophy, whether that is putting her clients like Kourtney Kardashian in Helmut Lang or Kendall Jenner in The Row, and it shows very clearly through her own clothing choices. Pregnant or otherwise, she’s sticking with her most-loved pieces—in a steady rotation of blazers, slip dresses, and combat boots—even as she adjusts to her new reality.

But it wasn’t an entirely intuitive decision. “It takes some adjusting to see your body in a whole new light. There are shapes that you’ve never really been accustomed to dressing before. All of a sudden, you’re reinventing fashion on your own body,” says Michelle. “It’s taken a minute to take it all in, but I found that my comfort zone.” It was especially difficult at the beginning of the pregnancy, as her body was slowly changing. “I had to lean on friends to tell me, ‘You’re creating life; you’re making your baby. Embrace your changes and love your body,’” she says. “Then you get past the point and you start really seeing new curves and that’s when it becomes beautiful again.”

Still, she’s made some closet swaps. Before her pregnancy, she considered herself a tried-and-true denim head. Now, Michelle has about 15 pairs of commando leggings that she’ll rotate. She’ll pair the pieces with an oversized men’s white button-down with a blazer. As she is growing more confident with her expanding tummy, she’s been wearing tighter pieces, like tank tops and slinky dresses. “Once my bump was round and visible, I loved wearing fitted spandex over the bump, and styling with cool layers that were already in my wardrobe and were true to me,” she says.

As for footwear, Michelle has traded out her kitten heels. “I learned very early on that wearing heels was not my friend,” she says. So far, Michelle has opted for combat boots, specifically a pair by Ann Demeulemeester, Vans, and Birkenstocks. Her go-to staple, which she recommends to other pregnant moms-to-be? A trusty jacket. “They disguise the loss of your waistline and help elongate you,” she says. “Also, a fashion shoe will always elevate a look.”

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