How tech at home brings ‘never-ending’ workdays


It’s not just you. The workday working from home during the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t just feel longer. For many of us, it actually is longer.

The very technology that enables us to do our jobs from most anywhere also makes it that much harder to step away. For Tina Schweiger, spending 12-hour-plus workdays staring at laptops has become far too familiar.

The owner of a small startup and tech consultant in Austin, Texas, Schweiger, is typically in front of a screen before 7 a.m. to begin her self-described “thought-intensive tasks” before her husband and two young sons are awake.

Between constantly sending and answering emails, attending a fair share of online meetings (with her boys or dogs likely pop up on screen at any given moment), finishing a project or impressing potential investors, Schweiger said her day often disappears.

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