Hailee Steinfeld opens up on ‘never-ending journey


The 23-year-old actress-and-singer has opened up about her “never-ending journey” with her skin and how “frustrating” it is when she needs to be on the red carpet and she is having a breakout. Speaking to ELLE for their ‘Beauty Truths’ series, Hailee said: “I would definitely be lying if I said it hasn’t affected my self-esteem.

“Sometimes I will be like, I am going to have my make-up done, it won’t even matter it will be covered up. “And then sometimes I’ve also felt like wearing make-up almost accentuates it more and brings more attention to it. “Then I feel like I am trying to cover it up and you see it more.

The ‘True Grit’ star says that stress is a major factor to causing her breakouts and her skin has improved tenfold since being in quarantine and having the time to “destress”. She said: “Since quarantine started I’ve actually had time to relax and destress and I do feel like I’ve seen improvement in my skin.