Fashion tips how to wear ladies heels in comfort


Even if you are someone who wears trainers all year round, there is just something special about a pair of heels. But unlike your Nike shoes, learning to walk in heels without feeling any pain can be a challenge.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we’ve rounded up the best tips to help you and your feet out.

Choose The Right Heel

Not all heels are created equal. And not all heels are meant to be worn by the same person. Details like high arches, flat or wide feet all come into play when choosing your perfect pair.

If you have never worn heels before, try starting out with a smaller wedge heel to find your balance. These types of shoe can evenly distribute your weight across your feet instead of putting all the pressure on your toes.

Stretch Your Ankle

If you are someone who lives in your trainers all day, you can find that jumping into a pair of heels can play havoc on your feet. doing a few stretches beforehand can make the experience better for your ankles, especially if you do this a few days in advance.

You wouldn’t run a marathon before practicing beforehand, so why would you expect your ankles to be strong enough for heels?

Another way to prep your feet for heels is to swap your trainers for a pair of heel boots. If you are not used to wearing heels, start things slowly.

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