Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff Launches a Home Line


Since founding her eponymous label in 2005 with her brother Uri, Rebecca Minkoff has wooed fans with romantic-rebellious handbag, apparel, and accessories collections. But a penchant for the new often propels Minkoff to pursue other ventures, too, such as releasing a jasmine-tinged eau de parfum, penning the no-nonsense Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success, and hosting the Superwomen With Rebecca Minkoff podcast. Now, that exploratory spirit has led her to envision the Rebecca Minkoff Home Collection—an earthy, vivid bedding range launching today.

“I love diving into an arena I know nothing about and learning instead of doing something I’ve done for 15 years,” Minkoff enthuses to AD PRO. “I think that’s what makes being a creative director exciting.”

After thorough surveys conducted among Minkoff’s customers revealed they were eager to see her tackle home decor, she was excited to get started. The project took on a particular gravitas during the onset of the pandemic when Minkoff—who had recently bought a new abode in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood—was, like many, re-evaluating the notion of joyful interiors. As Minkoff pored over inspirational photos to help guide local designer Stephanie Gaelick’s year-long overhaul of the residence she moved into with her three children and her husband, director Gavin Bellour, her priorities shifted. “We’re viewing home through such a different lens now,” Minkoff says. “The bedroom used to just be a place to sleep, but it’s no longer something to come home to. It’s now a sacred place of serenity where work stops, and I can turn off.”

Sheets, made with eco-conscious materials, are the backbone of the Rebecca Minkoff Home Collection. They come in cozy winter flannel, a linen blend, and organic stone wash and textured cottons. “I like linen sheets, but not how they are always scratchy,” Minkoff says.

Based on customer feedback again, Minkoff determined that solid-hued sheet sets were in especially high demand. Embracing her signature flair for color, she came up with an array of mix-and-match “sun-bleached” tones such as blush, clay, rust, and turmeric, as well as gray and a barely-there natural to make striking color-blocking permutations.

These cheerfully monochrome backdrops can be spruced up with duvets and quilts that draw from Minkoff’s ready-to-wear patterns, spanning from a tasteful leopard to various florals (think maximalist, vintage-style designs and intricately-detailed blooms reminiscent of sea creatures). Although the products evoke the type of luxury for which Minkoff is known, the designer wanted her wares to be relatively affordable and versatile, so that customers could snag an evil eye throw pillow as a spontaneous, but not splurge-level, accent.

The bedding is easy to envision in Brooklyn brownstones and L.A. bungalows alike. Ultimately, it represents “another aspect of the Rebecca Minkoff lifestyle,” as the designer puts it. She adds that it works especially well for someone who is “a bit bohemian, a bit rock and roll.” And although the inaugural line is clearly Minkoff’s focus, additional products, such as towels, may be on the horizon. The designer states clearly that she wants to focus on “what we know people want, and adding the elements they weren’t expecting… To take it to the next level, making it as beautiful as possible.”

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