Everything You Need to Know About Sugaring, Including Why It’s Superior to Waxing


Just because the beach won’t be booming this spring as per usual due to the pandemic doesn’t mean grooming has gone out of style. For ladies, this often means waxing, which is generally unpleasant and painful. Besides the obvious discomfort associated with it, waxing can be problematic because of residual hair breakage and skin irritation. Thankfully, sugaring is the new and much-improved method of hair removal that offers a solution to waxing’s pesky problems.

The eye-watering mechanics of sugaring are still similar to waxing (sorry ladies), but there are a few key differences that make it better, first and foremost being the direction in which the hair is pulled. Hot waxing mixtures are applied in the same direction as natural hair growth and then pulled off going in the opposite direction. Sugaring is performed in the opposite manner. Cooled sugar paste is applied against the natural direction of hair growth and removed so that the hair is pulled out as it would grow, thus minimizing hair breakage and irritation of pores. This reduces the chance of in-grown hairs.

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