Drew Barrymore Wants to Make Your Kitchen More Colorful


Drew Barrymore doesn’t shy away from color. When the child star turned talk show host (with plenty in between) launched her first decor line, Flower Home, in 2019, her aesthetic was very clear. It was bohemian, eclectic, and full of florals, patterns, and shades spanning the entire rainbow. “I’m a total maximalist,” she told WWD at the time. Now, she’s expanding her reach in the home space with the launch of Beautiful Kitchenware, and although this line features utilitarian products like a combination air fryer and toaster over and a programmable coffee maker, it is every bit as vibrant.

Barrymore teamed up with Made by Gather founder and CEO Shae Hong to create the line, which is available on Walmart.com today and in stores on April 19. Fans got a sneak peek when she launched the sage green colorway a bit early on St. Patrick’s day, and now, blueberry pie, oyster grey, white icing, and black sesame will join the fold.

Below, the Drew Barrymore Show host speaks exclusively to AD about her latest endeavor.

Architectural Digest: How was creating Beautiful Kitchenware different from creating your past home-goods projects?

Drew Barrymore: We’d never done small kitchen appliances so there’s a lot more, technically and practically, that you need to consider and design around. One thing we’ve always done with our brands is play with color, and traditionally kitchen appliances are white, black, or stainless steel. So not only was I looking for a sleeker design and touchscreen experience, I also wanted to offer a more evolved color selection.

Barrymore with her Beautiful Kitchenware collaborator, Made by Gather founder and CEO Shae Hong.

What was your initial vision for this line and how did it evolve?

From the start I wanted a more refined, almost Scandinavian feel. Not a lot of knobs or dials. I was extremely drawn to a touch pad, but one that disappeared when it wasn’t in use. And softer edges and not as many metal elements.

Is there anything in the collection that you created to fill a void in your own kitchen?

The whole line actually was inspired by the fact I didn’t love leaving my kitchen appliances on my counter. Why only black or white? Or chrome? But when I teamed up with Made by Gather, I also realized the incredible technology that was out there that wasn’t currently available at more of a mass price, so then it was this beautiful project of marrying everything together!

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