Digital twin technology: The building blocks of sustainable and resilient infrastructure

A quick glance at any newspaper worldwide will reveal stories of drought, excessive temperatures – cold and hot – water shortages, extreme flooding, storms, fires, and all sorts of climate-related catastrophes.
As communities, businesses, and governments cope with these events, we need to acknowledge that the infrastructure we build plays a big part in addressing our relationship with our planet. Infrastructure produces economic and social advancements in communities, but it has historically driven carbon emissions and other unwanted environmental impacts. By advancing how infrastructure is designed, built, and operated, we can aspire to meet our economic and sustainability goals as we future-proof our physical environment from climate change.
Today, immersive technology, as a precursor to the metaverse, lets software developers create virtual, interactive worlds for any purpose in any setting. We can use this technology to make our infrastructure more sustainable and resilient in the real world.

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