Devon Lee Carlson’s Work-From-Home Look Is All About It Girl Ease


Devon Lee Carlson is a millennial renaissance woman. Model, entrepreneur, and influencer, Carlson turned her love of vlogging into a business by the time she was 17. Now 26, she has turned her love of customizing phone cases into a family business with her mother, Michelle, and sister, Sydney, and has more than a million followers across multiple platforms. The idea of cell phones as the ultimate accessory isn’t new. And yet Carlson’s girly designs dominate social media. Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, and Halsey are just a few of the brand’s fans, and the siblings keep coming up with fresh ideas.

Carlson’s work-from-home wardrobe reflects her multifaceted career. Apt to wear neon bike shorts and a micro Balenciaga Le Dix one day, then switch to Chrome Hearts jeans and a flirty blouse the next, she moves from sportier fare to ultra-feminine styles with ease. She manages to work covetable items, like Telfar’s mini bags and vintage Chanel bags, with the occasional Etsy find. Never without her cell phone, Carlson takes the wearable tech concept seriously, matching every outfit to a colorful phone case.

Below, she guides Vogue through a week’s worth of cozy outfits.

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