Dakota Johnson Goes Full ’60s Goddess


One need only watch Dakota Johnson’s Architectural Digest home tour to understand that she is simply operating on a different plane than the rest of us—a plane of mid-century modern furniture, perfectly-kept bowls of limes, and late ’60s glamour. That image was only cemented in my mind when I first saw Johnson’s dress for The James Corden Show yesterday. She wore a floor-length, tangerine, sequined Gucci dress with robin’s egg blue appliqué cuffs and a white floral pattern cascading over her shoulders. It was a lot. But not on Dakota, who leaned into the vibe with long, wavy hair and a slight beehive. Do people still say groovy? It applies here.

As my colleague Janelle Okwodu pointed out, the look was reminiscent of Endora, the witchy mom from the 1964 television show Bewitched. (She had a penchant for bold colors and sweeping hemlines). Johnson channeled the look again the day before The James Corden Show, for a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There, she wore a white and floral robe from Bernadette Antwerp, which also gave the impression that Fallon had interrupted Johnson’s time reclining on a chaise longue. Hopefully these hits keep on coming.

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