Bold Eye Makeup Looks to Wear With Your Face Mask This Summer


If makeup is an art, then a protective face mask would theoretically remove half the canvas — right? Not so fast. You may feel sad waving goodbye to lipstick and bronzer, but makeup artist Cyndle K wants you to channel that experimentation-friendly energy from two months ago and get creative with your lids and lashes.

No matter where we’re going lately, slipping on a mask or protective face covering has become part of the routine. With half of our faces covered while out and about — a measure recommended by the CDC to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus — the way we do our makeup is changing alongside everything else. Lipstick and highlighter are now relegated to at-home use. Foundation isn’t the best idea anymore, either. (It can make surgical and N95 masks ineffective.) Our eyes are still wide-open canvases, though, so why not get creative?

New York City-based makeup artist Cyndle K recommends considering your mask as an extension of these looks rather than a hindrance or a competitor — a mindset that balances out the practicality of face coverings with some playfulness and personality. To show how you can switch up your makeup routines to better suit the new layer on everyone’s faces, she created five stunning looks perfect for wearing with a mask, including glitzy graphic liner, playful neon blush, and rainbow smoky eyes.

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