Best Samsung Galaxy Tablets in August 2020


Nobody makes Android tablets the way Samsung does. The company is an outlier as it still comes out with a flagship Android tablet every year. As part of the company’s vision to offer something for everyone, Samsung’s lineup also includes mid-range and affordable options.

This variety can often present a challenge to those who just want to know what the best Samsung Galaxy tablets are. To help them out, we have created this list of best Samsung tablets which breaks down the strength of each option and explains who should buy them, and why. In addition to detailed information about each tablet, you’ll also find links to our in-depth reviews for these tablets.

Samsung has treated us to two new tablets this month. This is the first time that we’re seeing it launch two separate models of its flagship tablet. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is accompanied by the Galaxy Tab S7. Some of the company’s earlier tablets have also made it on the list as they offer good value for money.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is surely one of the best tablets that Samsung has ever made. It has a beautiful metal build and feels absolutely premium. It also happens to be the first flagship tablet from Samsung to feature a 12.4-inch display. It’s not just any display, either. This Super AMOLED panel has a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

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