Best apps for being productive on your Mac


You can do anything on your Mac, but you can probably also do it faster, more efficiently — and simply make it work harder for you. Here are key apps that are proven to help.

There may be a pretty infinite number of word processing apps around, but only a handful of great ones. It’s the same with image or video editors and in fact, maybe with just about every genre of app software you can think of.
This is one area where the number of apps isn’t the issue, the quality of any one of them isn’t the problem, but you are. What you do every day on your Mac is different to absolutely everyone else and that means a tool that is a true boon to you, can be thought worthless to your boss or your colleagues.

On the good side, though, it is unquestionably certain that there are Mac apps that will speed up your work. They’ll do it by removing or at least radically reducing all of the setting up or managing you have to do.

They will leave you to concentrate on the elements you know best. They’ll leave you to the bits of your work that you enjoy.

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