Bella Hadid wears a two-toned jacket and a crop top


And on Tuesday morning the 24-year-old social media personality proved her status again as she lifted up her funky $65 The Alienation Generation Marc Jacobs T-shirt to expose her very flat tummy. She opted for a two-tone yellow button-up jacket with brown lining to cover up, and she also wore a pair of green pants with mushroom illustrations. Her black boots looked comfortable.

Hadid accessorized with a small gold necklace, a number of assorted earrings, and a set of sunglasses to complement her wardrobe.The brunette beauty tied her usually flowing hair back in a bun for the length of her walk.To keep herself safe from the recent rise in COVID-19 cases nationwide, she wore a large brown face mask for as long as she was outside.

The new photo shoot comes not long after a number of posts were made to Hadid’s Instagram account depicting her trip to a Macy’s in New York City.In one images, the supermodel can be seen posing next to a large poster of herself dressed in a Calvin Klein zip-up shirt and matching pants combo.