Beauty tips on how to use a colour corrector the right way


From hiding the fact you had a late night to minimising blemishes, concealers should be your cosmetic secret weapon.

While a regular concealer does wonders on its own, somethings your skin needs something more. And that’s where colour correctors come in handy.

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we show you everything you need to know about these must-have makeup products.

What Is A Colour Corrector?
Colour correctors are designed to neutralise skin discolouration and imperfections. These include redness, sallowness and general discolouration. While some issues can be covered with concealer and foundation, some need extra help.

How Do You Apply It?
The main rule to keep in mind when it comes to makeup is that less is more. It is always easier to apply more product if needed than to remove it from your face and start again. Apply your colour corrector to your problem area, then press your foundation over top. It’s important to press and not swipe to ensure the product stays in place.

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