Apple Watch 6 vs Apple Watch SE: which smartwatch is for you?


The Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE represent the most expensive and most affordable Apple watches of 2020. Almost identical in look, scratch the surface (not literally) and you’ll notice a few key differences in terms of specs – the two watches pack different sensors, strap options and features. And, of course, the flagship Apple Watch 6 is pricier too.

Much of what makes Apple watches the go-to wearables for iPhone users on the look-out for a reliable smartwatch experience is compelling app support and capable fitness credentials. It’s safe to say, these highlights are comparable across both the Apple Watch 6 and the Apple Watch SE.

Both support standard training features, including Apple’s Fitness Plus, heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking. That said, advanced features such as ECG and blood oxygen monitoring are reserved for the Series 6.

With the Apple Watch 6 costing around a third more than the SE, are its extra features enough to tempt potential buyers?

Design and display – Same front, different back

If you’re simply getting the Apple Watch as a piece of bling, then no-one will be any the wiser if you opt for the SE over the pricier Apple Watch 6. In fact, you may actually be better off choosing a previous gen model – Apple hasn’t really made any significant changes to the Apple Watch design since it first dropped in 2015.

The Apple Watch 6 and SE both come in 40mm and 44mm variants, and while they have the same dimensions, the Apple Watch 6 is a few grams heavier. Not much at all, then – but given the low weight of the watches, the difference could be just about noticeable.

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