Apple added a ‘secret’ button to your iPhone, here’s how to use it


As part of its most recent mobile operating system update, Apple recently added a new customizable Back Tap button to your iPhone.

On Sept. 16, Apple released iOS 14. As part of that release, Apple quietly introduced a Back Tap feature that allows you to double or triple tap the back of your phone to perform specific tasks on your phone.

To enable the new non-physical button, go to Settings on your iPhone and go to Accessibility > Touch and scroll down until you see Back Tap.

After you turn on the Back Tap button, you will select double-tap and then choose the function you want to perform when you double-tap the back of your phone.

You can also choose a function for when you triple-tap your phone.

One popular function for iPhone users is using double-tap function to take a screenshot.

Other functions include App Switcher, Control Center, Home, Lock Screen, Mute, Notification Center, Reachability, Shake, Siri, Spotlight, Volume Down, and Volume Up.

If you have a custom shortcut, you can also access those shortcuts using double or triple tap.

Back tap works from the lock screen, the home screen and within apps.

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