Amelie Zibler Learned Quite a Few Life Lessons During the ‘Expensive Taste Test’


The influencer Amelie Zibler definitely has great taste, as I’m sure her millions of followers would agree, but is it expensive? She did Cosmo’s official Expensive Taste Test to determine the answer. How it works is we gave Amelie two versions of different items, one pricier than the other, and she had to pick out which one she thought costs more. TBH, it’s way harder than it sounds.

We had her test out some classic influencer staples: biker shorts, cute accessories, cosmetics, etc. Amelie started this episode a tiny bit hesitant about her abilities, but it didn’t take long for her to gain some confidence. In her own words, “I take everything back, I’m phenomenal at this.”

But alas! Was Amelie as phenomenal as she said? Umm…you’ll need to check out the entire episode to see for yourself. And also watch the whole thing just to witness Amelie discover the wonders of body lotion.

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