All the Best Black Friday Fashion Deals


The challenge with Black Friday fashion is volume: Tons of great stores put pages upon pages of items on sale, and it’s tempting to open a fan-whirring quantity of tabs and try to go through them all. I am typically a goal-oriented fashion shopper, but on Black Friday, I’m liable to click one link looking for a practical wool overcoat and come out two hours later with slingbacks that convert into boots or a sexy balaclava. There are just too many good things competing for my attention.

If you are shopping for something specific, give yourself the gift of staying on task — many of these sales will still be here Monday. (And check out our guides to stylish-but-warm coats, cashmere sweaters, and comfortable shoes.) If you’re browsing, we’ve made it easier by rounding up our picks — both tried-and-true items and wild cards — from the best Black Friday sales online, from Ssense to the Oklahoma retailer that makes my favorite overalls. There’s the “Goldilocks of jeans” from Levi’s, clomper oxfords at Camper, and the Vaquera party dress I could not resist adding to this list from Toronto retailer Soop Soop. (It’s 60 percent off!) My plans to only buy this Olderbrother puffer will likely be spoiled by a dragonlike zeal for acquiring rugby shirts. And if you go off-script and get a sexy balaclava, no judgement here.

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