A Beauty Expert’s 3 Best Winter Skin Tips For Dry Skin


For many of us, transitioning seasons means transitioning skin care routines. Think about how you pull out warmer, thicker layers as temperature drops—certainly your skin has similar needs. This isn’t a matter of indulgence or superficiality: When the environment changes, your body has different requirements!

And for most of us, winter means drier skin. With dryness, comes increased dullness and sensitivities. This is all due to something called transepidermal water loss, a phenomenon that occurs when water in your epidermis evaporates into the air around you; it happens more frequently in arid climates where there’s less moisture in the air. To help keep your skin moisturized, you’ll want to support the barrier of the skin—so this isn’t as likely to happen.

How? There are lots of ways, but here are the three top tips I tell anyone who asks.

Supplement if you’re not already doing so.
Healthy, hydrated skin starts internally with the right nutrients, botanicals, and targeted bioactives.