9 products that will help you achieve your beauty resolutions


Making a New Year’s resolution isn’t difficult — but follow-through can be.

Instead of setting a goal that’s far out of reach, start the decade with a resolution that will fit into your current lifestyle: switch up your beauty routine.

Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Director Jessica Malin joined TODAY to show us how we can completely revamp our beauty regimen without the need to dedicate more time and effort to our current routines.

Matlin shared four practical resolutions that will up your beauty game in the new year. So, whether you want to experiment with a bright makeup shade or spruce up your go-to hairstyle, achieve your new 2020 beauty goals with a few helpful products.

Shop Matlin’s recommendations below!

Full brows have been a popular trend for a few years, and this is the perfect product to help you pull off the look. It’s a super-thin pencil that makes it easy to draw small hair-like strokes, ensuring your filled brows look natural.

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