7 top Korean beauty skincare trends of 2020 for glowing skin like never before


If there’s a new skincare trend brimming on the horizon, you can rest assured that K-beauty has already called first dibs on it. After all, the world of Korean beauty plays secret-keeper for the latest and the greatest in skincare, with innovations that range well beyond the fabled 10-step beauty routine which it is otherwise categorised by. If the sudden abundance of me-time during the lockdown has encouraged you to finally give skincare the attention it deserves, it pays to stay updated on what the world of Korean beauty has to say on the matter. Our pursuit of answers led us to the co-founders of Glow Recipe, and we quizzed them about the glow-enhancing trends that skintellectuals won’t want to sleep on. Here’s what we learned.

1. Look for hybrid products
Korean beauty has led the way for many innovations in skincare, and co-founder Christine Chang admits that she’s excited when her favourite trends start to go global. She says, “Korea is where we first saw the concept of hybrid toners that address multiple benefits in one treatment. This was a marked difference from typical toners that were primarily used to remove residue after cleansing. We will definitely be seeing more of these toners that combine hydration, a crucial cornerstone of K-beauty, with other skincare benefits to target multiple skin concerns.”

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