5 Self Care Beauty Tips For Nurses: Skin Routines, Acne Help and 20 Protective Hairstyles


Nurses around the U.S. are experiencing problems with their skin and hair since the emergence of COVID-19. Wearing facemasks and PPE on a daily basis for 12+ hours has been causing some nurses to experience increased acne and dry skin. While washing hair daily with heavy detergents has been leading to hair loss and other hair problems.

These are some of the effects nurses are experiencing from PPE. At the beginning of the year, we never imagined we’d have to get so resourceful with PPE. Nearly all PPE is designed for single use. Use it once and throw it away. PPE wasn’t intended to be worn for hours, worn from patient to patient, or reused. A massive shortage of PPE and fear of running out caused many facilities to mandate PPE reuse. Nurses and other healthcare professionals wear the same PPE for entire shifts, and their skin and hair suffer the consequences.

For skin, we asked licensed medical esthetician and certified environmental aging specialist, Nicole Baldwin, for her best tips for nurses.

When it comes to hair, we chatted with 3 hairstylists, who specialize in a range of hair types, to get their best tips and advice for nurses to protect their hair while at work,

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