4 colour correctors you need to add to your makeup kit, stat


Back in 2015, our social media feeds were filled with colourful tutorials of beauty influencers and makeup artists using multi-coloured correctors to create the perfect base for makeup. Come 2020, correctors have become even more popular—with more colours available to suit every single skin type, texture and requirement. “Correctors are the most important and most underrated makeup products ever. They are the secret weapon for any makeup artist,” declares celebrity makeup artist Daniel Bauer. Whether you have a random acne breakout or dark circles, here’s what you can use now.

Applying a bright green shade onto your face might sound strange, but Bauer considers it as a miracle worker if you have to cover up a sudden zit. “Dab a green corrector directly on the pimple to wash out the red. Blend the foundation over the green dot of corrector and the red pimple and the green dot will disappear into the shade of the foundation. The key is to only put a dot of the corrector on the problem area and not around it,”he confirms.

Try: LA Girl Pro Conceal HD in Green, Sephora Collection Color Corrector in Green

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