36 Best Spring Perfumes of 2022 to Try Immediately


Whether you like to switch up your scent every year or you’ve been wearing the same signature perfume for years and you’re looking for a change, I’m here to remind you that the end of winter is the ideal time to look ahead to sunnier days and find a new spring perfume. Not only is spring the season where some of the best new perfumes are released each year, but the change of the season is also a great opportunity to refresh your scent and your vibe (see ya next year, winter perfumes).

The only annoying thing? How hard it can be to find a new perfume online, especially when you can’t, you know, smell anything. That’s where I, your official spring perfume guide, come in. Ahead, I found all the best spring perfumes of 2022, and I’m walking you through each and every one of them, so you know what to expect before you add it to your cart. But before you dive in, here’s a peek at our top picks:

K, ready to get into the details? Cool. Keep scrolling for the full list.

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