27 Cute Spring Date Outfit Ideas for Any and All Warm-Weather Plans


Consider this your PSA that spring is just around the corner. You and your boo (or, even worse, you and your roommates) have most likely been cooped up in your cold apartments for far too long. And let’s be honest: I’m sure you’re tired of seeing each other in the same loungewear week after week—no matter how cute it may be. Frankly, maybe you’re tired of wearing the same sweatsuit every day and can’t wait to put away the puffer coat and throw on a springy ‘fit. (I hear ya, bb.) So for those who just desperately want a romantic night (outside of the house) with your S.O. or have someone new you’re anxious to meet (!), we’ve rounded up some spring date outfit ideas you’re gonna adore.

Whether you’re in the “talking” phase with someone—i.e., when you wait, like, four hours to text them back (just me?)—or have been together with your partner for 10 years, we’ve got just the right ensemble to make a great impression. Combined with any of these cute spring jewelry trends and bag trends, you, your date, and your stylish outfit will be ready for the new season ahead.

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