24 Dark Spot Correctors That Actually Work


Bright, even skin, coming right up.

I give my skin credit for treating me nicely most of the time, but if there’s one thing I’d complain about, it’d be dark spots. Small dots of hyperpigmentation are the bane of my existence, and finding a dark spot treatment that works has proven…difficult, to say the least. In my case, these spots are the aftermath of the occasional pimple that I mutilate, which has its revenge by scarring, darkening, and never truly going away.

Why do I have dark spots?

There are a number of other reasons you might have dark spots. Perhaps the most common is sun damage, which, after a prolonged period, can cause hyperpigmentation as a guilty reminder of that time (or times) you didn’t wear SPF. Hormonal changes, irritation, and certain diseases can also churn out these marks.

Can I get rid of dark spots?

Dark marks can be tough to prevent and even tougher to lift. While pricey dermatologist-conducted treatments can yield good results, there are also effective at-home products you can use to minimize and reduce the appearance dark spots. Enter: dark spot correctors. They contain highly concentrated ingredients that are designed to target and lift unwanted pigment with precision, and some have other complexion-boosting benefits. Here, we’ve compiled a master list with options for all skin types, tones, and occasions.

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