21 beauty products you should bring when you travel, according to experts


While figuring out what to pack for your long-awaited vacation usually means focusing on clothes, shoes and other accessories, your beauty routine should be top of mind too. Whether you’re hitting the road or jumping on a flight, your skin can become more susceptible to irritation, including dryness, breakouts or fun flare-ups brought on by stress — especially if you’re headed to a different climate.

“Dehydration is the name of the game when I travel — from the plane to hot spa showers (guilty) to beachside hangs (definitely guilty), my skin needs all the hydration help it can get,” says Samantha Leal, managing editor at Well+Good who also covers travel. “I’m also prone to acne and skin irritation, so that’s always a concern for me when it comes to encountering new surfaces and locations. In short: I touch my face a lot.”

Khalea Underwood, a beauty editor turned editorial manager at MAC Cosmetics, seconds that. “Cabin air is notoriously dehydrating, so I always look for skin care products that replenish along with topical spot treatments that help me zap any pesky breakouts,” says Underwood. “No matter what time of day my flight is, I tend to do my nighttime skin care routine beforehand, as I use a heavier moisturizer while I’m sleeping. Sometimes I’ll even throw on a sleeping mask instead of a moisturizer, especially for international flights.”

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