12 Best Airbrush Makeup Kits and Tips for Perfect-Looking Skin


Back in the day (like, uh, ten years ago), airbrush makeup was one of those next-level things that seemed only accessible to makeup artists, celebrities, or people with a lotta money, skill, and time. And honestly, that used to be pretty true back when the airbrush kits were clunky and confusing to use. But it’s 2022, baby, and today’s airbrush makeup can be as simple or as professional as you want, depending on the kit and product you choose. Like, want full-coverage foundation? Done. Need a creamy blush that looks totally natural? Easy. Looking for formulas that won’t slid off oily skin? I gotchu.

Seriously; I’ve tried airbrush makeup on myself with zero guidance (more on that below), and on my very first nervous try, my foundation and blush looked smooth and surprisingly natural, like I had a real-life filter. Which, you know, is exactly the point. Still, the whole concept of airbrushing your makeup can feel intense and confusing, which is why I broke down what you need to know about airbrush vs. traditional makeup, along with the best airbrush makeup kits of 2022.

Not only is airbrushing usually faster to apply than regular makeup (you’re just misting your face), but it tends to look more subtle with less caking and less settling into pores (since the layers are so sheer), and it also usually lasts longer (since formulas often have a base of silicone). The downside? It requires some practice to feel fully comfortable. But, hey, so did the first time you picked up a makeup brush, right? Luckily, tons of airbrush tutorials exist, and the end result of really good-looking skin is definitely worth it IMO.

If your eyes are already glazing over and you just want a quick look at the goods, check out a few of my favorite airbrush makeup kits, below, then keep scrolling to find out what to look for in a good airbrush makeup product, plus the full breakdown of the best products on the market.

Listen, all of these kits are going to require a little bit of trial and error, solely because you’re not used to spraying makeup on your face. But if you’re a total makeup newb who rarely wears any products, let alone a full face of foundation, blush, contour, and highlight, then skip past the 20-piece kits and instead look for airbrush makeup that focuses mostly on foundation.

Most airbrush makeup formulas will have a base of silicone, which gives your skin a smooth, “blurred” finish that helps even out bumpy textures and lines. It also tends to last longer than water-based formulas. That being said, it’s not exactly hydrating for dry skin. Though you can mitigate dryness by layering on your usual face moisturizer ahead of time (as you always should), you can always experiment with a water-based formula and see if looks and feels better on your skin.

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