Wiggle Room’s Newest Design and the Search for the Perfect Wiggle


When Zoe and Levi crafted their first Wiggle design, it was merely to meet their own demands for the perfect dining room table in their new South Brooklyn apartment. At the time, the couple was otherwise preoccupied, with Levi still in architecture school and Zoe heading up branding for trendy underwear brand Parade. “We wanted a unique, colorful table big enough to fit friends over for dinner parties,” said Zoe on designing their perfect center piece, “but we went through hundreds of amorphous shapes before we landed on the perfect wiggle.”

Though seemingly free-flowing, the table is thoughtfully designed, drawing inspiration from Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and his modernist landscapes. And indeed it was the perfect Wiggle, with the pastel-hued curvy table quickly drawing interest from the many friends and strangers who encountered it. Soon, Zoe and Levi launched their website featuring coffee, dining, and side tables in a wide range of curvy, candy-colored hues.

The new sustainably designed Wiggle dining table comes flat-packed to your doorstep and requires no tools to assemble.

Just like their beginnings, Zoe and Levi’s newest collection is again a response to high demand. Ever since they began, the duo says they’ve gotten near daily requests for a naturally-toned wooden wiggle piece. After putting in the hours to craft the perfect product in Baltic Birch, they’re finally excited to deliver. “They are incredibly smooth and extremely chic, and will hopefully speak to an entirely new audience,” says Levi, who also mentions that they still love their postmodernist- inspired pastel collection, but hopes that “a new all-wood colorway opens up even more opportunities to add a little wiggle to your home.”

The new products remain deeply thought-out, drawing on new architectural influences such as Norman Jaffe’s soothing wooden interiors, as well as the iconic birch design palette of Alvar Aalto. And just like their other designs, the new Wiggles remain sustainably made, arriving flat-pack to your door and requiring no tools to assemble. The new collection, which includes side, dining, and coffee tables, is available on their website as of today.

What to expect next from team Wiggle? “We have a lot of ideas in the works!” says Zoe, who is currently working on a wiggly headboard prototype with Levi, as well as a stacked side table and a few smaller table goods. “More to come!”

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