Why You Should Treat Yourself to These Kitchen Upgrades This Season

The hardest-working room in the house takes a special hit this time of year with all the entertaining, cooking, and more. Why not show your kitchen how much it means to you with a few upgrades—many even doable in time for the holidays? We talked to some designers and home improvement experts to weigh in with inspiration and ideas for ways to give your kitchen an easy but meaningful refresh.
A lighting switch-up—no pun intended—is a good way to make a big difference both in kitchen fashion and function. “Upgrading your light fixtures can change the whole look of the space, eliminate shadows, and highlight countertops and backsplashes,” says Vince Heslop of Ohio-based Handyman Connection, who frequently recommends adding under-cupboard lighting on upper cabinets for better visibility in the kitchen. Interior designer Kelly Eyink at Ohio-based M+A Architects says that lamps on countertops are “having a big moment” and can add easy-to-control warmth and ambiance.

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