Who Will Provide Length in the Twins’ Bullpen?


Last week the Twins’ roster plans began to reveal themselves at least a little bit. Wes Johnson pointed out he’d like to see 15-16 pitchers on the active roster as well as 2 “length options” available outside of the rotation. Today we’ll take a look at the pitchers competing for the last few spots.

By all accounts, the starting rotation has impressed upon their arrival to summer camp. It appears each starter will be carrying a nearly full workload on day one because of the shape they’ve kept themselves in. Even still, two length options makes sense. Afterall, a disrupted routine this spring could make injury more of a possibility, not to mention the pandemic still relevant across the U.S. “Length option” however greatly decreases the pool to consider for candidates. There are five likely competitors to take a look at.

Jhoulys Chacín – Chacín was brought in on a minor league deal as a reclamation piece to compete for the 5th rotation spot. Coming off a season with an ERA over 6, he hasn’t really dazzled for the Twins thus far either as he was likely falling behind in the running for the rotation before spring training was shut down.

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