Top 6 Facial Brushes To Get Clear And Smooth Skin At Home


Skincare is an essential part of our routine or should we say it is a part that absolutely cannot be missed at any cost!. We all have been on the lookout to get clear and radiant skin. While experimenting with endless DIYs and beauty products, we often forget the fact that it takes more than that to attain healthy skin. Trust us when we say that sometimes it is the technique that we need to change. Cleansing, massaging and exfoliation is a daily part of our routine now and the best way to do it is by using electric facial brushes which are not just super easy to use but are compact and portable as well, which makes them worth a buy. And to help you pick the best one, we have curated a list of the best electric facial brushes to stock up right now. With the Amazon Great Indian Festival, we are all set to experience it and get top deals and best discounts on these picks.

Notch up your beauty routine with these electric facial brushes.

Featuring a gold tone shade, this electric facial brush comes with an elegant design and is highly compact and portable. It is a multi-functional rechargeable face massager and comes with 3 interchangeable heads with 360-degree rotation which help to relax, exfoliate and cleanse your facial skin. It is water-resistant.

Made of silicone material, this brush from Vega comes with soft bristles and is rechargeable which makes it a perfect pick for each one of us. It is used for exfoliating, massaging and deep cleansing.

This brush helps in deep cleansing and has split-plot designed, high frequency sonic pulses to get rid of clogged pores and blackheads, removing dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. It comes with super soft silicon bristles and is made of food grade silicone and resists bacteria build up. It is rechargeable and waterproof, making it an ideal pick for all.

Featuring a sleek design, this face massager or cleanser comes with super soft bristles and has crude polish accessory to work on tough skin. It comes with latex soft sponge for eye, cheek massaging and makeup sponge to massage and clean your skin. It also comes with a rolling massager and soft brush to clear all the scurf clings on the surface.

This facial cleanser uses the power of 9000 sonic pulsations to effectively cleanse deep below the skin’s surface, leaving it clear. With 5 adjustable intensities and 2 zones of varying touch point thicknesses, it is suitable for all skin types. It helps in removing up to 99% of dirt and oil, dead skin cells, unclogs pores and removes makeup residue. It is made from highly durable, body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone and is a durable pick for all.

Featuring a peppy pink colour, this cleanser comes with soft bristles and has a compact and portable design to make usage super easy and hassle free. It expertly removes sweat, oil and dirt from the pores and gives you glowing skin. It also comes with a 30-second glow boost mode for a quick cleanse you can relax with and it is made of soft and smooth silicone that is body-safe, ultra-hygienic and nonporous to prevent bacteria build-up, making it a perfect pick for all.

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