TikTok’s Frozen Beauty Blender Hack Made My Pores Disappear


As we head into party season, TikTok’s makeup hacks are coming thick and fast. There’s the one-minute trick that’ll give you a smoky eye without the effort, ditching pink blush for more natural-looking purple tones and the very smart winged eyeliner technique using Sellotape — all of which are approved by beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists alike.

This week, everyone’s obsessed with freezing their Beauty Blenders. If you’re a foundation wearer, you might prefer the sponge to using your fingers or a brush to blend makeup to seamless perfection. From Patrick Ta to Mario Dedivanovic, many high-profile celebrity makeup artists rely on a Beauty Blender to achieve an Instagram-worthy base, dampening beforehand and bouncing it over the skin to apply makeup easily. Now, TikTokers are taking things one step further.

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